This is not The Epilogue

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I was worried, last week my favorite telenovela will be aired out. why am I worried about it like that? the drama that had been played, never played again. Usually when there are visitors coming for sure the drama was always played, but last week was not played. I was astonished, whether because one of the main cast had to say reluctant and lazy to re-play the drama that because of she had not felt alive in it? (my cortisol hormone increases while reading this. Hey girl, you will not be able to change the end of this drama if you do not want to even reluctant to play this drama again. Eh why do i look like my mom? Talking with television, talking with drama. Hei dude! She wont understanding what i said, coz she was at the television, she can't heard my voice) or because one of the other actors who already gave an oath to end this drama? or indeed between all the main actors are no longer a match?

But... I was wrong, this is not the epilogue telenovela drama. This is the beginning of a new chapter of the telenovela drama. I know that ever since seeing them play the drama, in which two of the main cast sick, one of them seriously ill, and The Stubborn melted her heart and began to open his heart to just say hello and talk. It is a rapid development of telenovela drama from last month until this week.

I like this drama. I Love this telenovela.
Note: the picture above is not picture about the drama i've told, it's just an illustration. FYI: that picture is a picture of telenovela titled Amigos X Siempre.

writen by me, translated by Google Transalte, editted by me

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